Aleksandr V. Petrov

PhD Researcher, University of Glasgow

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I am a PhD student at the University of Glasgow, where I am focused on large-scale sequential recommender systems. My research interests include recommender systems, information retrieval, and deep learning in general, and I have authored or co-authored more than four publications in these areas. My PhD supervisors are Prof. Craig Macdonald and Prof. Iadh Ounis.

Before pursuing my PhD, I worked for 12 years as a software engineer, including as a senior software engineer at, where I worked primarily on recommendations, personalisation, search, and personalised online advertising. While I was not a researcher at the time, I gained extensive experience with recommender systems and related areas.

In addition to my academic and professional work, I have also supervised master's student projects on recommender systems at the University of Edinburgh, and have taught machine learning and data analysis in online and offline courses in Russian. In my free time, I enjoy driving around Scotland, studying languages, and reading fantasy books.

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Research Interests: Recommender Systems, Sequence Modelling, Information Retrieval, Deep Learning